Orangutans and Climate Change

Orangutans have many hurdles to overcome in our society. Not only are they threatened to become extinct due to humans taking their homes and illegal killing but they are also in trouble due to global warming. They are already an animal with extremely low numbers so adding other problems to the mix isn’t helping to find a good solution for them to have a future.

Orangutans spend about 40% of their day eating a variety of foods in the rain forest. Their main source is fruits. However, there needs to be ample rain in order for them to grow like they should. With global warming the temperatures are heating up so that the rain cycles aren’t what they need to be in order to offer enough food for them to survive on. While they do consume other forms of food they too are affected including leaves and plants.

The dryer environment also makes the rainforest more susceptible to fires. Sometimes they are accidentally caused such as when lightening strikes a tree. Other times though they are intentionally set by villagers to clear out paths for roads. They also try to deplete the number of orangutans in the rainforest for their own selfish needs to benefit from it.

With global warming though also comes the fact that the crops of the villagers are less likely to grow. Their numbers continue to increase and they are going to do whatever it takes to survive. They will consume orangutans as a source of meat. They will also kill them so that they can take to the rainforest for the fruits that grow there without worrying about these animals consuming large numbers of them.

While orangutans can breed any time of the year, they are more likely to if they have enough food. They will also mate more often during the rainy season. Global warming can hinder both of those things from happening. Since these animals already have an extremely slow rate of reproduction and their numbers are very low this is a formula that isn’t going to help their chances of survival.

It is no secret that global warming is a huge concern in our society. We often here about how it has a negative effect on humans. However, we also need to realize what it is doing to the possible future for orangutans as well. If we are going to have positive efforts in place to help them, we need to do it from all angles. There are quite a few things that each of us can do in order to reduce the effects of global warming.

Taking the time to learn about them though is part of the solution as well. It is amazing how many adults don’t realize that their daily activities are creating more problems for the environment. Teaching children from a very early age about how they can stop global warming is important as well.

The orangutans need help on many levels, and reducing global warming is just one of them. Yet if humans work as a team and put some common goals on the table then it is possible for us to see some positive changes in the near future. Not only will these animals benefit but all animals out there and humans will also find that the Earth is a better place for them as well. Now is the time to take action, to find out what you can do to change it. Then make a solid commitment to do so daily from now on. Keep in mind that global warming is only a small problem for orangutans though compared to others that you need to help with as well.

Orangutans and Global Warming
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