Orangutan Conservation

Both species of orangutans are in danger of becoming extinct which is why you will find so many conservation efforts in place to help them. One of the main efforts involves educating the public about what is taking place. That way they will have a desire to get involved and to help with such efforts. Too many people simply have no idea that the future is so risky for the orangutans.

One of the biggest threats to these animals has to do with the destruction of their natural habitat. Huge sections of the rainforests where they live continue to be taken away. They are destroyed due to burning so that they can be cleared for building and for roads to be made. They are also destroyed due to the thriving logging business in many of these regions.

Mining for various types of minerals is also a reason that the natural habitat of the orangutans continues to be a problem. The push for humans to use Biodiesel is also affecting the orangutans. The can be taken from palm oil but in order to get it, the areas of the rainforest have to be taken down and destroyed. So in one way we are helping to reduce the amount of damage to the environment but we are also destroying the homes of the orangutans at the same time.

What is so scary about that is many experts anticipate that if the access to palm oil continues at the current rate then orangutans can be completely extinct very soon. That is just around the corner and so the more aggressively that conservation efforts can be the better. They have to include reaching out to government officials and getting them to put limits on this type of destruction.

Yet it can take a very long time to get through all of the political red tape. There isn’t much time left to save the orangutans though if those predictions mentioned are correct. That is why it is vital to get that information into the hands of the right people immediately so that changes that will improve their chances of survival can be put into place as soon as possible.

Illegal poaching of orangutans is a common problem as well. Even though these animals are protected in some areas this continues. Finding better ways to enforce the protection of them is vital. It can be very hard to catch poachers though. Orangutans aren’t always killed though but trapped and taken as well.

There is huge money for them on the black market. It will surprise you to learn just how many people keep them illegally as pets. While orangutans may be very entertaining and usually calm, they are still wild animals and they can be very dangerous. Keeping them as pets isn’t a good idea. In order to get these young orangutans their mothers are usually killed as well which definitely reduces the number of them out there in the wild.

If you want to be a part of something remarkable, go online and find out what orangutan conservation efforts are in place. That way you can help be a part of the solution. These animals really are in grave danger and every person that fights for them to survive is going to help them have a chance of really being able to do so. You can volunteer your time, donate money, and even get involved by sending letters to your local government officials. The fight may be a difficult one, but it is still worth fighting in order to get the orangutan to be around for the future.

Orangutan Conservation Efforts
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